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Remove inappropriate imagery. The images with which we surround ourselves exert a powerful subconscious influence on our thoughts and emotions every day. Learn to look at your possessions with positive energy eyes, and you will discover a new dimension to your surroundings. As you change the imagery in your power spots, focus on surrounding yourself with objects and images that support and encourage you in achieving your goals. Take a moment to admire your new imagery, and to visualize the specific outcome you have in mind as if it has already been accomplished.


Another good way to remove old or unpleasant energy from your house is to use an orange peel cure. The aroma of fresh oranges is very yang, and effective at removing negativity.


You should buy new oranges specially rather than using any you already have in the house. Make sure they are really fresh by scratching the peel with your fingernail; the aroma should be very strong and sharp.


The key to success is to choose objects and colors that represent that support the area of the that you are working in. It's also important to choose items that have strong symbolic meaning for you. Often the most effective enhancement is something you already own, and all you have to do is move it into a power spot.